2 years ago

Agar.io Hack. Eat all of the cells using our JS Code

Agar.io Hack. Eat all of the cells using our JS Code

Agar.io is really a catchy multiplayer browser game written in JavaScript. You'll need to gather pellets around the map in order to grow in proportions while avoiding other players that are greater than you.


If that you do not, they will eat you and will get bigger. If another larger player eats you, they will consume your cell, are certain to get bigger and you will have to begin from scratch. That's the way how agar.io works. Cool, isn't it?But so how exactly does having an agario hack sounds for you? :)


What does this agar hack do?


This agar hack lets you to play on invisible mode (printscreen) by setting up the opacity for you cell. So, you are able to just hide and hunt! Also there ar a couple of old features of this agar hack like: computing best moves and moving faster.


If you don't like collecting pellets and avoiding bigger cells, you can also press the room bar to split your cell by 50 percent, sending one half flying forward in order to capture a fleeing cell (or to save lots of yourself from an imminent threat). That is clearly a nice feature of agar.io, but works fine just on already big players. The game is absolve to play, however the team has already been hard at work on a full Steam version, which you may vote for fliptunes.net/agar-io-hack-bot/


Agar.io hack bot is just a bookmarklet (automatically created based on your own username and IP – and can be utilized by Drag and Drop) taking care of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer (8+), Safari, Netscape and SeaMonkey. Using this agario cheats you will dominate the overall game and hit #1 on Leaderboard within minutes.


Within the last days I've worked hard on a fresh version of agar.io bot which will allow you to play without worrying you will lose the game. There are many features including Zoom, Speed, Double Size and Invisibility. So let me let you know meanings of each one.


Agar.io Hack Bot Features


ZOOM: this feature allows you to zoom the page and and see significantly more than is allowed. Perhaps you're asking who's left/right for your requirements, right? With zoom feature you can see it without your opponent knowing. Get the screenshot to observe how it works.


SPEED: with agar.io speed hack feature it is possible to mature your speed if you are moving to slow. I would recommend you to use it whenever your score is more than 150. If you are using it when your score is significantly less than 150 you will move too quickly and may be caught.


DOUBLE SIZE: will double your score within every cells you eat. If you eat small cells your score increases by 1, but if this feature is activated score will be increased by 2 within every cell. So, this way 5 eaten cells means a score of 10, in place of 5.


INVISIBILITY: probably the most effective feature of this agar hack. With invisibility mode you can set opacity for your cell as much as -10. In this manner, other players will undoubtedly be harder to see you. Notice: this hack works better as soon as your cell color is yellow and without username set (blank).